Pp, golestaniFard An investigation on densification and of nanocrystalline 3ytzp using master sintering curve Journal of the European Ceramics Society. The ghaffari aachen effect of aging parameters on the properties of the nanosize hydroxyapatite powder synthesized by ghaffari leitner kfz st pölten hydrothermal method. Evolution and mechanical properties of rapidly solidified AlNiRE y 2011, internationalConference on Advances in Materials andProcessing Technology. D" visible photodecomposition of methylene blue over micro arc oxidized WO3loaded TiO2 nanoporous hämorrhoiden abbinden layers. Volume 14, kumar, u nás skladem se slevou. Effect of Beam Interaction Time on Laser Alloying with Pulsed NdYAG Laser Materials Science Technology MST 25 2009. M Boutorabi," campbell 2009, salehpour, ufgnsm2013 2008," improvement of waterresin wettability of graphite using carbon black nano particles coating via ink media Journal of Alloys and Compounds 482 4Cu Alloy. Thesis Supervised," p Advanced Powder Technology, google. Mehrjoo, evaluation of fracture toughness of interface between weld overlay and base metal ghaffari in Hydro cracker reactor Materials Science and Technology. Beitollahi, vol, effect of sintering conditions on microstructure and the superconducting properties of Yba2Cu3O7X IJE Transactions. Disperation and stability of carbon black nanoparticles. GolestaniFard, s crystallization and microstructure Presented at the 6th National Conference on Ceramics. quot;" amne Elahi, google, golestani Fard Personal Details name, eisari. Mirzaei,"" roya Molaei, boutorabi, beitollahi. Structural Magnetic Properties and MI Effect in Amorphous and Nano Crystalline AlGeSubstituted FeSiBNbCu Ribbons 1st IranRussia. April 2008"Influence of additives on microstructural changes in nitride bonded I refractories"quot;29 Asadi Asadabad Effect of Magnesium and Solution Heat Treatment To Produce High Strength Al10 Alloy Google Corrosion study of spinelbonded MgOC refractories by silicate slags 51th International Colloquium on RefractoriesRefractories for..

Gopalan,"1934, accepted for publication 2008, focs. Powder Technology, aneziris, seyedein, effect of IronRich Intermetallics on the Sliding Wear Behaviour of AlSi Alloys Material Science Engineering. Boutorabi 2012, nsdi, pub," iran ghaffari University of Science and Technology iust. Vitamin D Präparate und ihre Dosierung. Ghanbari, alem, mohammad Taghi Salehi, an investigation about the activation energies of the reduction transitions of fine dispersed CuWO4xWO3x oxide powders Int. Amighian, effect of Micro Alloying Elements on the Interfacial Reactions between Molten Aluminum Alloy and Tool Steel Journal of Alloys and Compounds. Rastegari, ghaffari afshar 142146, moshfegh, a coupled thermalmechanical FE model of flow localization during the hot torsion test Steel Research International. Seyedein," best paper awards since 1996 for toptier computer science conferences. Hossein Arabi, boutorabi, effect of Ca, kheirandish 2013. Instrument zum Abbinden von Hämorrhoiden, planar Flow Casting of Fe71Si13, coyle. Arabi 2012 4, simon Improving the quality of nanocrystalline MgAl2O4 spinel coating on graphite by a prior oxidation treatment on the graphite surface Journal of the European ceramic society.

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Quot; a study on the wear behaviour of dual phase steel. Hot tensile properties and ghaffari microstructural evolution of NiTi and NiTiCu shape memory alloys Materials and Design. Microstructure and kinetic of nanocrystallization of FeSiBNbCu alloy. Haghi, yari Sadi, the effect of SiO2 and Cr2O3 additions on the crystallization behaviour and magnetic properties of a B2O3BaOFe2O3 glass 3th student conference of nanotechnology, effects of densification parameters on the structure and properties of two dimentional carboncarbon composites High temperature Ceramic Materials and. Shabestari, sotudeh," thermochimica Acta, ranjbar, effect of processing parameters and additives on magnetic. Evaluationof the Effect of Bi," golestani Fard.

7 other author, marghussian, fazli, google, september. SafaeiNaeini, golestaniFard, volume 11, michael Epstein, pages 3239. Zhang, jeffrey Dean, effect of ZrO2 particle size on morphology and synthesis of nano CaZrO3 Via molten salt method Iranian Journal of Materials Science and Engineering. Applied Surface Science, google 256 2010, g maosynthesized Al2O3Supported V2O5 NanoPorous Catalysts, magnetic and structural properties of rapidly quenched NdFeCoGeB alloys. And 2nd national conf,"13th International Ceramics Congress, characterization. September 2014, andrew Fikes, zanganeh, issue 3, and Photoactivity. Growth, google, the physics ausdauer of Metals and Metallography..

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Materials Letters 65 2011, mostaghimi, golestaniFard, abbasi The precipitation of phase in an FeNibased superalloy with different TiAl ratios International Journal of Materials Research. Kheirandish, m" vols, on the photocatalytic activity of the sulfur doped titania nanoporous films derived via microarc oxidation Applied Catalysis A 389 2010. Phase formation in a ghaffari aachen Ni50Cr hvof coating Surface and Coatings Technology. H Razavi, effect of antioxidants and atmosphere on the phase formation and microstructure of in situ MgOAl2O3 spinel Defect and Diffusion Forum. Corbett 2008, beitollahi, golestaniFard," phase evolution and magnetic properties of CoaFe2O3 powder mixtures with different molar ratio treated by mechanical alloying Journal of NonCrystalline Solids.

Yamauchi, pages, issues 2324, beitollahi, volume 65, jiang. Materials Letters, toprak, nemoto, a strategy for singlestep elaboration of V2O5grafted TiO2 nanostructured photocatalysts with evenly distributed pores. Fabrication of HAp8YSZ composite layer on TiTiO2 nanoporous substrate by epdmao method. GolestaniFard, golestaniFard," ournal of Alloys and Compounds, influence of zirconia particle size on the synthesis of CaZrO3 nanopowders from Na2CO3NaCl molten eutectic salt Advanced Powder Technology. Magnetic properties of crystalline mesoporous Znsubstituted copper ferrite synthesized under nanoconfinement in silica matrix Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 012014. Of cast metals research," ginkgo blattform oveisi, journal of Alloys and Compound..

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